Extreme Christmas


Extreme Christmas

Extreme Christmas

Our team has been through our library of shows and picked out some of our favorites to get you in the mood for Christmas. Whether it’s kayaking down freezing rivers in Facing Waves or the Nomads Seeking Adventure trekking through arctic wilderness, we have something for everyone Also catch The Ultimate Ride a documentary series focused on elite Action Sports stars working to stay on top of their often dangerous professions.

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Action Sports World

Action Sports World takes you to the most exciting locations, adventures and events including freeskiing, mountain biking, climbing and a host of other energetic sport disciplines.

The Ultimate Ride

The Ultimate Ride is a documentary series focused on elite action sports professional athletes staying atop their often-dangerous professions.

Nomads Seeking Adventure

This programme showcases the most incredible action adventure exploits, and features some of the biggest names in extreme sports.

Facing Waves 

Facing Waves is an exciting and inspiring television series that follows top paddlers as they explore the people, places, and adventures of the world’s top paddling destinations.

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